DSP SOM SW FM stereo prijímač, modul 64-135MHZ Krátkovlnné full band rádio signálu 2.3-30MHZ W zosilňovač Digitálny LED displej


Shortwave full-band radio DSP radio module FM stereo module receiving board

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  Description: Features:


The module uses a car-specific DSP radio chip. The FM sound quality is round and full, the bass is surging, the treble is clear, the layer is clear, and there is a CD sound quality. FM frequency band supports campus broadcasting 64-87MHz and civil aviation 118-135MHz. The full range of short wave supports 2.6-30MHz, the short wave of DSP is clear, and it is not easy to deflect the frequency and channel. The module uses four LED digital tubes to display the frequency of each band in real time. It is compact and convenient. It is an ideal module for DIY high-end radios. The AM antenna coil of this module uses I-shaped 220uH inductance as a simple AM antenna. The user can replace it with a magnetic rod Antenna (220-420uH) makes the AM/SW band signal receiving sensitivity better and easier to receive

Module and button description:

FM button: Press for a short time to switch to different FM band reception (64-87MHZ, 87-109MHZ, 112-135MHZ, step 100kHz), long press >2S to mute state, the module will output no sound, repeat long Press time to unmute.

AM button: short press to switch to AM reception (504-1710kHZ, step 9kHz), long press> 2S for volume reduction.

SW button: short press to switch to SW different band reception (2.3-30MHZ divided into 25 bands, step 5kHz), long press> 2S for volume increase.

FM/AM button: Press two buttons simultaneously >2S to turn on/off the LED display.

Precautions before use

1. When the module is connected to the antenna and the power supply, pay attention to check the voltage range of the power supply and the positive and negative of the electrode before powering on. The working voltage of this module is 3.7-5.2V, and the maximum voltage cannot be exceeded, otherwise the module will be burned. It is recommended that users use batteries or iron core transformers +7805 voltage regulator chips to supply power. Try not to use switching power supplies. Most of the EMI of switching power supplies will cause great interference in the AM/SW band, which may result in the failure to receive radios in radio mode. phenomenon.

2. If users need an external audio power amplifier, it is best not to use Class D digital amplifiers, which will also interfere with the radio mode. Try to use a linear audio power amplifier.

3. The module defaults to radio FM receiving mode when the module is powered on. You can search for the radio station by adjusting the TUNE potentiometer. The frequency display value will follow the change and display the current frequency. If the current FM channel is stereo, the "STERO" green indicator lights up. The module can be directly connected to an external 3W 4 ohm or 8 ohm speaker (Note: try to use a large-capacity battery to supply power to the external speaker, so as to avoid unstable battery voltage due to excessive volume and audio playback effect).

4. The module AM ​​antenna coil uses I-shaped 220uH inductance as the AM simple antenna (you can also receive many units, you need to see if there is interference from the local signal. If the interference is large, you will not be able to receive the station). The user can replace it with Magnetic rod antenna (220-420uH). The magnetic rod antenna should be far away from the module as far as possible, so that the AM/SW band signal reception sensitivity is better and the reception is easier. Refer to the wiring diagram for details.

5. The antenna is mainly responsible for receiving radio waves from space. According to the selection rule of the antenna, the length of the antenna is as close as possible to the 1/4 wavelength of the receiving frequency. For example, to receive a 100MHz radio station, the ideal length of the antenna is L=(wave speed/frequency) /4=300000000/100000000=75cm. It is recommended to use a whip antenna dedicated for FM radio with a length of 75 cm

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